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Interactive 3D Scan Example: Click the above image to interact with the model. You can Rotate (1 finger), Move Up & Down (Two finger slide) and Zoom IN & OUT (two finger spread). Allow 10-20 seconds for the model to load.


What Are 3D Scanning Services?

3D scanner is a highly advanced electronic device, which is able to analyse real-world physical objects or environments in order to obtain highly accurate three dimensional data on their shape. The collected 3D data can then be used to construct highly accurate three-dimensional models using special computer software. This can then be used for a wide variety of applications. These include: Reverse Engineering, Physical replicas, Online 3D models, 3D printing to create physical replicas and much more!


Who Are Superscan 3D?

Superscan 3D are a leading UK based 3D scanning specialist, who deliver end to end client solutions. Using the very latest scanning technology, we specialise in the areas of ‘Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning’, ‘Museum 3D Scanning’ and ‘Film Studio 3D Scanning’.

We can produce a virtually identical physical replica of any object we are able to scan, which can then be reproduced at any scale. For example; we could 3D scan a 1 meter high bronze sculpture and then reproduce it as a 5 meter high bronze, or perhaps make it 400mm for a limited edition collectable.

With a long established reputation for delivering high quality 3D scans at very competitive rates, you can be confident of an excellent overall result. More…



Tailored 3D Scanning Services – Solutions Tailored For You!

Located in north Buckinghamshire, we provide 3D Scanning Services to the UK’s central and south east region. We use the very latest 3D scanning technology to deliver incredible scan accuracy (accurate up to 0.5mm!). This amazing new technology enables us to scan objects from 300mm up to 4 meters, or larger if scans are merged. The 3D digital data we capture is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as 3D Printing, CNC milling and CAD model output. Hence, such technology enables us to 3D scan an object and then be able to produce a virtually identical replica at any scale.

The 3D scanning technology we use was originally developed for aerospace and automotive industries, hence our ability to scan at very high resolutions. 3D scanning at high resolutions reduces the post scan digital cleanup process. This in turn leads to a more efficient work-flow, thus ensuring quicker and more cost effective turnarounds.


Another Recent 3D Scan Example: Click the below image to: Rotate (1 finger), Move Up & Down (Two finger slide) and Zoom IN & OUT (two finger spread). Allow 10-20 seconds for the model to load.


From 3D Scans to Physical Models at Any Scale!

We are able to 3D scan your object and then reproduce it as a physical model at any scale. This service can be used for making full-size bronze sculptures, models for exhibitions or retail, film props, museum replicas or just about anything! More…

3D Scanning Services & CNC Milling Services - Fine Art - Film Props - Museum Replicas

7 Axis CNC Milling Services


Interactive 3D scans for: Museums, Online Interactive, Retail, Exhibitions and more! Click the below images to: Rotate (1 finger), Move Up & Down (Two finger slide) and Zoom IN & OUT (two finger spread). Allow 10-20 seconds for the model to load.


Most importantly, we are passionate about what they do! We strive to exacting standards in order to ensure outstanding results on each and every project.


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Weekly Top Tips! – 3D Scanning Shiny Surfaces

This weeks 3D Scanning Top Tips answers a question we regularly get asked. “Is it possible to 3D scan shiny surfaces using 3D scanning technology?”. The simple answer is yes! However, it’s all about surface preparation and the type of 3D scanning technology you are using.

For example; if you tried to scan a highly reflective object using a photogrammetry 3D scanner, then the intense light produced by the scanners flash system, can simply bounce of the object, resulting in a distorted scan. Hence why photogrammetry 3D scanners tend to be mainly used for scanning people and animals. However, there are certain types of high-end 3D scanners which are able to scan shiny surfaces, even chrome! These tend to be laser scanners which are better suited to this sort of application. However, clever use of certain anti-reflective sprays (which evaporate after use, leaving no trace) using white light 3D scanning technology, can also produce an excellent 3D scan result, if the surface is carefully prepared. Talk to one of our technical specialists to find out more!