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Interactive 3D Models From 3D Scanning Services: Click the above image to interact with the model. You can Rotate (1 finger), Move Up & Down (Two finger slide) and Zoom IN & OUT (two finger spread). Allow 10-20 seconds for the model to load.


What Are 3D Scanning Services?

3D scanning services are used to precisely analyse real-world physical objects in order to obtain highly accurate three dimensional data on their shape and form. We use the very latest high-power 3D scanning systems to collect high resolution 3D data, which is accurate up to 0.5mm! We then use this precise digital data to produce a highly accurate three-dimensional model using special computer software.

3D scanning services can be used for a wide variety of applications. These include: producing exact physical replicas and models of original objects at any scale, sculpture enlargement and repairs, fine art reproductions in bronze or stone, making precise moulds for heritage conservation repairs, site surveys, in-situ stone masonry, virtual reality 3D models and the list continues. We also provide 3D printing and CNC milling services, in order to convert our 3D scans into highly accuracy physical models at any scale.


How does 3D scanning work?


Who Are Superscan 3D?

As one of the UK’s leading 3D scanning service specialists, we provide end-to-end solutions using the very latest super-accurate 3D scanning technology. Hence we provide 3D scanning services in the following areas:


Turning 3D Scans Into Accurate Physical Replicas At Any Scale!

We can 3D scan an object and then reproduce it as a virtually identical physical replica. For example; we could 3D scan a 1 meter high sculpture and then reproduce it as a 2 meter high replica for producing a bronze mould master, or perhaps another variation. The possibilities are virtually endless. With our established reputation for delivering high quality 3D scans and physical models at competitive rates, you can be sure of a high quality physical reproduction. more…


3D Scanning Services - Museums, Heritage Conservation, Sculpture - UK


We Only Use High Resolution 3D Scanning Technology

Unlike many of our competitors, the aerospace scanning systems we use are a fully calibrated technology. This means that every 3D scan we perform has a guaranteed resolution accuracy of + or – 0.5mm. The below image shows one of our 3D scans and the sort of scan accuracy you can expect. Click the below image to use our ZOOM TOOL


3D Scanning Services - Fine Art Scanning - London - UK


3D Scanning Services Tailored For You!

We work with a wide range of professional clients from a broad spectrum of industries. Client requirements tend to be very wide-ranging. Some clients simply want a high accuracy 3D scan of an object supplied as an OBJ or STL file. Other clients want a complete end-to-end ‘3D scan to physical replica solution’. It is therefore essential to fully understand each individual client requirement from the outset. We therefore take a consultative approach to qualify specific needs in detail, thus ensuring the right solution is put in place from the outset. 


From 3D Scans to Physical Models at Any Scale!

We are able to 3D scan your object and then reproduce it as a physical model at virtually any scale. This service can be used for making full-size bronze or stone sculptures, models for exhibitions or retail, film props, museum replicas or just about anything! More…


3D Scanning Services & CNC Milling Services - Fine Art - Film Props - Museum Replicas

Using CNC Milling Services To Convert 3D Scans Into Physical Models


Every member of the Superscan3D team is passionate about what we do, and takes great pride in their work. We are well known for producing outstanding 3D scans, and are immensely proud to have become one of the UK’s leading 3D scanning specialists. Hence our attention to fine detail and our exacting standards in order to ensure outstanding results on each and every project we undertake.

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Latest News – Lara Croft Returns!

We are delighted to have worked alongside Warner Bros highly talented production team on their latest ‘Tomb Raider’ release. Our 3D scanning services were used in a number of different sequences throughout the film, in order to achieve various effects for Set Decoration, Props and CGI VFX. An amazing action packed thriller not to be missed!


Weekly Top Tips! – 3D Scanning Shiny Surfaces

This weeks 3D scanning ‘Top Tips’ addresses a very common question. “Is it possible to 3D scan shiny surfaces using 3D scanning technology?”. The simple answer is yes, however it’s all about surface preparation and the type of 3D scanning technology you are using.

For example; if you tried to scan a highly reflective object using a photogrammetry scanner, then the intense light produced by the flash would bounce of the object. This would in turn result in a distorted scan. Hence the reason why photogrammetry scanners are mainly used for scanning people and animals. However, there are certain types of scanners which are able to scan shiny surfaces, even chrome! These tend to be high end laser scanners or variants of the same, which are better suited to this sort of application.

However, clever use of certain anti-reflective sprays (some of which evaporate after use leaving no trace) can produce excellent 3D scans using certain white light technologies. Talk to one of our technical specialists to find out more!


Click here to see a recent case study on a 3D scan we carried out on a sculpture by the sculptor Charlotte Jones.