3D Scanning Services


What are 3D scanning services and how can they be used?

3D scanning services are used to precisely analyse real-world physical objects at very high accuracy. They obtain highly accurate three dimensional measurements in order to map an objects 3D form. Superscan 3D use the latest scanning technology to capture real-world objects at very high resolution accuracy. We then import this digital data into 3D digital sculpting and mastering software, to create a fully mastered three-dimensional digital model. This 3D model data can then be used to output a high accuracy physical model using 3D printing or CNC milling technologies. Hence we regularly use this process to create film props and film set elements for film production companies.

In addition to 3D scanning services, we also provide 3D printing and CNC milling services in order to convert our 3D scans into accurate physical models at any scale.

Who are Superscan 3D?

Superscan 3D was founded in early 2015 by a small team of leading film industry creative professionals. The company carefully combines latest digital technologies with leading creative expertise, in order to deliver outstanding creative solutions for film and television production companies, creative agencies, event and exhibition agencies, fine art sculpture and heritage conservation. 


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What 3D scanning technologies do we use?

The simple answer is all of them. We use Lidar (Tripod) for scanning larger objects, Photogrammetry for scanning people and Laser Arm scanning for smaller objects. These high precision systems cover a broad range of 3D capture applications. Such precision technologies need to be regularly calibrated to ensure consistent 3D capture accuracy, essential for producing high accuracy 3D models. 


3D scanning services for film production


How do we calculate a cost for 3D scanning your object?

The cost of a 3D scan greatly depends on a number of key factors. Hence, it’s really important to consider that every object is different and needs to be quoted for on an individual basis. Accordingly, our 3D scanning costs are generally based upon the following five factors:


  • Size of object – We can scan objects from 30cm (minimum)
  • Complexity of object – Level of detail / line of sight challenges
  • Material type – Colour, texture type, shiny surfaces
  • Geographic location – Where is the object to be scanned?
  • Post Production Requirements – Level of post-scan required


3D scanning services for sculpture and fine art
3D Scanning Services – From High-Res 3D scan of the original to…


Super high resolution 3D print mould master to…


3D scanning sculpture
Traditional foundry cast bronze with beautiful patina


3D scanning services tailored to your specific requirements

We work with a broad cross-section of clients from a wide range of industries, so projects tend to be very wide-ranging. Some clients simply require a high accuracy 3D scan of an object, supplied in OBJ or STL file format. Other clients want a complete end-to-end solution, i.e. ‘3D scan to fully finished physical replica’. Whatever your requirements may be, we are happy to provide guidance and advice. Thus, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your needs in more detail. 



Snippets: Producing 3D scans for the recent fabulous ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie

We were delighted to work alongside Warner Bros amazing production team on their latest ‘Tomb Raider’ release. Our 3D scanning services were used in a variety of sequences throughout the film, in order to achieve various special effects for: Set Decoration, Props and CG VFX. An amazing action packed movie not to be missed! Find out more about our work in Film Production 3D Scanning.


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