3D Scanning Church & Cathedral Artefacts

3D Scanning Church & Cathedral Artefacts

Superscan3D use one of the worlds most powerful mobile 3D scanning systems in order to 3D scan church and cathedral artefacts at incredible resolution accuracy. This amazing technology enables us to reproduce exact 3D digital replicas of objects. We can then use the same data to produce exact 1:1 scale physical replicas of virtually any object, using either 3D printing or CNC milling. Finally, we hand-finish the final physical output (the 3D print or CNC mill) using traditional hand finishing techniques in order to produce a near identical replica.

This technique enables actual original objects to be stored securely, removing the risk of objects being stollen or vandalised. Hence, 3D scanning rare objects of significant importance is a highly effective way of preserving and protecting rare objects and our cultural history. It also enables a super-accurate 3D digital master of an object to be saved and stored on a USB stick for safe keeping, just in case the unthinkable ever happens. 

Additionally, the same approach can be used for many conservation and restoration applications such as: ornate stone and wood carvings, ornate metal castings, ornate stone masonry, sculptures etc.



Case Study – Creating a high detail replica of an early stone carved Bishop using 3D scanning, post-scan digital processing and CNC milling (CNC milling via JH May).

3D Scanning Church Artefacts - Superscan 3D


The above photos show an early original stone carving of a Bishop, which is approximately 62cm high. As you can see, this beautiful carving has sustained damage to certain areas over the years, as well as the head being broken away from the body. Our objective was to produce a 1:1 scale replica of the stone carving, with some sympathetic repairs applied to key areas. Such repairs were performed using special 3D digital sculpting software prior to producing the actual physical replica via a CNC milling process.

The below screen captures show our 3D scan of the stone carving. This is what we refer to as  a ‘RAW DATA’ 3D model. This data needs to be imported into a special 3D modelling program in order to fix any digital line of sight errors, and to stabilise the RAW scan data. Once the file has been stabilised, we export it as an OBJ file to our digital sculpting and modelling software.


Church 3D scanning services - UK
3D scan of stone carving (Raw Scan Data)


Museum 3D scanning services - Dubai
3D scan from behind (Raw Scan Data)


Once we have imported the OBJ file into our 3D sculpting software, it can be hand repaired (digitally) and made ready for the physical output stage using either 3D printing or CNC milling. Below are a few screen grabs of us working on the post-scan digital cleanup. You will notice in particular, the repairs made to the head, neckline, mitre hat etc.


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RAW 3D scan data being cleaned up in ZBrush – Touch to ZOOM





Superscan3D use a careful balance of latest digital technologies mixed with traditional hand crafting skills and techniques, in order to produce high-accuracy replicas of original objects. If you would like to find out more about what is possible then please call us on our main office number.


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