3D Scanning Consultant

3D Scanning Consultants

Superscan3D are recognised as one of the UK's leading 3D scanning consultants. We are a small team of highly experienced professionals, who are passionate about what we do! Our strong technical expertise comes from many years first-hand experience of delivering 3D digital solutions to a diverse range of clients. 

Choosing the right 3D scanning technology for the task in hand is always a critical first step. So many companies make the mistake of deploying the wrong 3D scanning technology, and then spend days or sometimes weeks trying to rectify 3D scans in post production. Hence why its so important to talk to a 3D scanning consultant who can offer the right advice from the outset, thus saving a lot of time and money!

Although we provide specialist 3D scanning services to a broad customer base, we are probably best known for our work in the following areas (Click each heading to find out more).


We are 3D Digital Consultants, 3D Scanning Technicians, Creative Directors, Physical Model Makers, Digital & Traditional Sculptors, ZBrush Artists, 3D Digital Modellers and much more! Our huge collective experience and knowledge has earned us a reputation for excellence in our field.

Our clients are typically: Artists, Sculptors, Museums, Conservators, Conservation Societies, Archaeologists, Architects, Professors, Researchers and the list continues. 

We deliver tailored solutions specifically geared to individual client needs. Hence we work closely with every client to understand key objectives and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

3D Scanning Consultant Services

3D Scanning Consultant - Museums, Fine Art, Sculpture, Heritage Conservation

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