Film Set 3D Scanning Services

Film Set 3D Scanning Services - London - UK

Film Set 3D Scanning Services

Reproduction accuracy is important for every client. For this reason we use some of the worlds most powerful 3D scanning systems, with resolution accuracy of up to 0.3mm. Each scanning system is calibrated to ensure consistent 3D scan accuracy. Additionally, our scanning systems are highly mobile, which enables us to provide 3D scanning services at most locations.


3D Scanning Media Creative
Original Tudor door surround – Touch to use + ZOOM


Once an object has been 3D scanned, we can then reproduce it as a physical asset using either 3D printing or CNC milling. Set assets are typically produced in high density foam, which can then be sealed and dressed by set decorators. However, we are also able to re-scale objects digitally so that set design models can also be produced. 


3D Scanning - Film Studio Services
3D Scanning in progress


Typical examples of set design objects we get asked to 3D scan and reproduced are; statues & sculpture, gargoyles, ornate stone carvings, stone mullion windows, wood carvings, ornate plaster mouldings and cornices, metal castings and stone fire surrounds.


3D Scanning - London - UK - Superscan3D
3D scan data being cleaned up using ZBrush sculpting software  + ZOOM


3D scan of film set
3D scan output as physical 1:1 scale model using CNC milling


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Exact 1:1 scale physical reproduction of the original ready for set decoration


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