Artist Limited Edition Bronzes

Artist Limited Edition Bronzes – From 3D Scan to Beautiful Finished Bronze!

We are able to produce ‘Artists Limited Edition Bronzes’ from original sculptures using one of the worlds most powerful mobile 3D scanning systems. This very latest none-contact 3D scanning technology, enables us to scan sculptures at an accuracy of up to 0.5mm. We are then able to 3D print a highly accurate replica at the required size, which we use as a ‘Mould Master’ for traditional bronze casting. Creating Artist limited edition bronzes using this high accuracy technology, enables us to capture the Artists original touch and expression. 

Above: A beautiful original bronze cast by Bushra Fakhoury

Because this process is digital, we can output the physical replica at virtually any size. For example, we can scan a large sculpture and reproduce it as a smaller bronze, or vice versa. Superscan 3D work with many well known Artists as well as unknown Artists. We are always happy to provide advise and guidance.


Artist limited edition bronzes from original sculpture using 3D scanning


Superscan 3D - artist limited edition bronzes - London - UK


Artist limited edition bronzes - UK


Interactive 3D Scan Example: Click the above image to interact with the model. You can Rotate (1 finger), Move Up & Down (Two finger slide) and Zoom IN & OUT (two finger spread). Allow 10-20 seconds for the model to load. 


Important Note: The above ‘3D Virtual Reality’ model is a low resolution render of our actual 3D scan. This is because online realtime rendering requires small file sizes to work efficiently. The images above this 3D VR model show the actual scan accuracy that can be expected, when we create a 3D printed mould master for actual bronze casting.


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