Bronze Replicas

Interactive Example: Click the above image to control in ‘Virtual Reality 3D’. Your touch-screen controls are: Rotate: using a single finger, Zoom IN & OUT: using two finger slide, Move UP/Down: using two fingers). 


Bronze Replicas From Original Sculptures

We are able to reproduce bronze replicas from original works of art, using one of the worlds most powerful 3D scanning systems. The3D scanners we use are a none-contact technology, which is accurate up to 0.5mm, enabling a high level of detail to be captured.

Once we have captured the physical form of the object using our scanner, we then import the 3D data into specialist 3D modelling software. This amazing software enables us to correct any line of sight errors and make sure that the 3D scan data is ready for the physical output stage. It also enables us to re-size the 3D digital model to the desired physical output size. Converting 3D digital to actual physical output is typically achieved via two output methods.

Once the final physical model is produced, it can be used to make a mould master. This can then be used to produce final models in a variety of material finishes, including bronze.

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