Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning Services

Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning Services - London - UK


Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning Services

Superscan3D are an established team of specialists with wide ranging skills, who are based in Milton Keynes (UK). We are; 3D Digital Scanning Technicians, 3D Digital Modelling Specialists, Traditional Sculptors & Artists, 3D Digital Sculptors, 3D Digital to Physical Output Specialists, Conservators and Fabrication Specialists.

A large proportion of our work is centred around providing '3D Scanning' and '3D Digital to Physical Replication Services to conservation professionals working on behalf of Museums and conservation societies. Hence our heritage conservation work tends to be extremely wide ranging and varied. We provide 3D scanning services for: Historic Castles & Houses, Church & Cathedrals, Monuments, Museums, Fine Art Sculptures and many other preservation and restoration applications.

Heritage conservation 3D scanning has quickly become a critical tool for conservation professionals. The ability to capture an identical form without any contact, takes conservation to a whole new level. 3D scanning enables us to produce identical physical replicas of objects, which can be used as 'Mould Masters' for recreating the same object, such as ornate lime plaster mouldings.


Using 3D Scanning For Restoration

3D scanning can also be used to capture objects which are damaged and need repair. Areas of damage can be repaired and corrected on-screen using the 3D digital model we capture, using 3D modelling software. We can then reproduce the repaired object as a physical replacement model using either 3D printing or CNC milling. This can then be used as an exact mould or template, which can then be used by a stone mason, lime plaster specialist or whoever. The possibilities are extensive and very exciting.


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Incredible Heritage Conservation Reproduction Accuracy

Reproduction accuracy is important for every client. For this reason we use one of the worlds most powerful 3D scanning systems, which has a resolution accuracy of up to 0.5mm! The system is calibrated on site before every scan to ensure consistent 3D scan accuracy. Additionally, it is also highly mobile, which enables us to provide 3D scanning services at most locations.


3D Scanning carvings - Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning

Original Tudor door surround - Touch to use + ZOOM


Once an object has been scanned, we can then reproduce it at high accuracy using either 3D printing (in order to make a mould master), or CNC robotic milling, which we use for reproducing large scale objects (in wood, MDF, Foam, Stone and various other materials). We are also able to re-scale objects digitally as required. Hence we able to provide a wide range of restoration and conservation solutions for wide range of applications.


Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning - Museums - Fine Art - UK

3D Scanning in progress

Typical examples of conservation objects we are asked to 3D scan and reproduced are; statues & sculpture, gargoyles, ornate stone carvings, stone mullion windows, wood carvings, ornate plaster mouldings and cornices, metal castings, marble & stone fire surrounds, rare artefacts and the list continues.


Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning - London - UK - Superscan3D

3D scan data being cleaned up using ZBrush sculpting software  + ZOOM


English Heritage - Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning

3D scan output as physical 1:1 scale model using CNC milling


“We are ‘Artisans’ who can bridge the gap between heritage conservation and latest 3D digital technologies” 


Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning Services - Milton Keynes - National Trust

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Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning Services - London

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Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning - Superscan 3D - UK

Exact 1:1 scale physical reproduction of original


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Heritage Conservation Site Surveys

Another very useful use of 3D scanning is the ability to cary out detailed site surveys. Such equipment can be used to obtain high accuracy measurements in the form of on-screen 3D models displaying precise measurements as well as 3D model data. This enables Conservators to benefit from having a precise three dimensional on-screen model for reference. A typical example might be a reference model to enable a Stone Mason to hand carve an ornate stone carving. 


Heritage Conservation 3D Scanning - Site Surveys

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This incredible technology, combined with latest CNC milling and 3D printing technologies, provides a key tool for conservation professionals. If you are looking at a particular project and have some technical questions, then we would love to hear from you!  


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