Museum 3D Scanning Case Study

3D Scan Of Medieval Stone Carved Bishop – Museum 3D Scanning Case Study

The above photos show a rare stone carving of a ‘Bishop’ which is 62cm high. As you can see, the carving has sustained damage to certain areas over the years, and the head has been broken away from the body. Our objective was to carry out a 3D scan in order to then repair the 3D digital copy, and produce a 1:1 scale copy of the original, only fully repaired as one piece!


Professional museum 3D scanning services - UK

3D scan of stone carving (Raw Data)


This is a typical example of how museum 3D scanning services can benefit museum conservators and curators. Once a 3D scan has been performed, we can use the data to reproduce an identical physical model at virtually any scale. This is achieved using either 3D printing or CNC milling.


Museum 3D scanning services - Dubai

3D scan from behind (Raw Data)


The 3D scan was relatively straight forward to set up, and was completed in one pass. We then exported the raw OBJ scan data into ‘ZBrush‘ software, in order to carry out digital repairs to damaged areas. Here is a screen-grab showing the process.


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RAW 3D scan data being cleaned up in ZBrush – Touch to ZOOM


VR Model From 3D Scan: Click the below image to load the file (Usually takes 10 seconds to load). You can then: Rotate & Spin (use one finger) + Zoom IN or OUT (spread two fingers) or move the whole model (drag using two fingers).



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