Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services


3D Scanning Services For Fine Art Sculpture - Stag Fight - Bushra Fakhoury

Above: ‘Stag Fight’ by Bushra Fakhoury – Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services


Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services – Amazing New Opportunities For Contemporary Artists & Sculptors

The very latest high-resolution 3D scanning technology opens up new doors for contemporary Artists and Sculptors. Recent technology advancements combined with specialist knowledge and expertise, deliver new and very exciting commercial opportunities for Artists and Sculptors. 

Using the very latest none-contact 3D scanning technology, Superscan3D are able to capture original works of art at very high resolution detail (accurate up to 0.5mm!). Hence, we are able to generate a millimeter perfect 3D digital double of original sculptures, capturing the Artists original touch and expression.


Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services - How it works

Bronze sculpture by Bushra Fakhoury – Touch image to ZOOM


We are then able to use this 3D data to create a super-accurate physical model, using either 3D printing or CNC milling. Of course, because the 3D scan data is digital, we can also re-scale to whatever size you require before we go to the physical output stage. For example, we can 3D scan an original sculpture 4 feet tall, and then accurately reproduced it at say 10 feet scale.

3D scanning is therefore a brilliant tool for producing limited edition runs of original sculptures. Hence the physical high detail models we produce using 3D printing or CNC milling, are used for creating ‘Mould Masters’ for bronze casting, resin casting, stone milling and various other applications. 


Fine Art Scanning - Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services

3D scan of bronze sculpture by B Fakhoury – Touch image to ZOOM


Superscan 3D - Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services - London

Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services – Touch image to ZOOM


Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services - From 3D scans to high quality bronze replicas

3D scan being digitally cleaned up in 3D software – Click image to ZOOM



Interactive Example: Click the below image to control in ‘Virtual Reality 3D’. Your touch-screen controls are: Rotate: using a single finger, Zoom IN & OUT: using two finger slide, Move UP/Down: using two fingers). 


Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Services Applications:

  • Special Limited Editions Bronze Replicas
  • Bronze Sculpture Commissions
  • Artist 3D Copyright
  • 3D Printing (Mould masters for bronze casting)
  • Sculpture Enlargement (For major commissions and public exhibitions)
  • 7 Axis CNC Milling (Reproducing works at any scale)
  • Online 3D Interactive Models For Promotion & Marketing

We work with a broad spectrum of fine art clients, including a number of internationally acclaimed artists. We also love working with new aspiring Artists who want to promote their work to a wider audience.


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