Sculpture Enlargement

Sculpture Enlargement Services – Accurate replicas at any scale

Superscan 3D provide a highly advanced sculpture enlargement service using one of the worlds most powerful none-contact 3D scanning systems. This incredible 3D scanner was originally developed for aerospace and automotive applications. Hence it is able to capture physical objects in precise detail, at a staggering resolution accuracy of up to 0.5mm. Such accuracy enables us to capture an artist’s original touch and expression, ensuring accurate originality through to final replicas.

Additionally, this scanning technology is highly mobile, enabling us to travel to each clients location to perform the 3D scan. Once a sculpture has been digitally acquired (3D scanned), we then optimise the 3D digital scan data back at our studio using the worlds most advanced 3D modelling software (ZBrush). This powerful software enables us to correct line of sight errors and make sure everything looks just right. Finally, we digitally re-scale the model to your required size, so that it is ready for the physical output stage. The below image shows us using ZBrush to optimise a recent 3D scan.


Sculpture Enlargement Services - UK - Superscan 3D
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Sculpture Enlargement The physical mould master stage

The next stage is to import the 3D model data into either a CNC milling machine (for larger objects), or a 3D printing machine (for smaller objects). These devices convert 3D digital model data into an actual physical model using X,Y,Z plotting coordinates. Once a final full-scale ‘Mould Master’ has been produced, it is then hand-finished ready for the foundry bronze casting stage. Likewise, the same ‘Mould Master’ can also be used for alternative finishes to bronze. Hence the same process can be used for creating either silicone or GRP formed moulds.


Sculpture Enlargement Services:

  • High Accuracy Digital Replication
  • High Accuracy Digital Sculpture Enlargement
  • 3D Digital Model Cleanup
  • Digital to Physical Output Services (3D Printing, 7 Axis CNC Milling)
  • Mould & Cast Making
  • Hand Finishing Services
  • Working with leading UK foundries such as Bronzeage



Sculpture Enlargement - Super Accuracy - Using 3D Scanning
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From 3D Scans To Large Physical Sculptures –  Complete end to end solutions

Superscan 3D provide sculpture enlargement services for many leading artists and sculptors, including some of international acclaim. We provide end-to-end solutions tailored to individual client needs, and pride ourselves on reproduction accuracy. 

In addition to 3D scanning services, we also provide fully managed solutions for those clients who require a complete solution. Services include:

  • Post 3D scan digital model cleanup services (ZBrush etc)
  • CNC milling or 3D printing services
  • Mould mastering
  • Foundry casting or whatever medium is required


We work closely with a number of the UK’s top CNC milling and 3D printing companies, which enables us to choose the physical output solution that best suits your particular requirement. This is really important because we know from first hand experience, that materials, machine resolutions and operator expertise, all vary enormously. Hence the reason we choose to be truly independent in this regard and not tied to pushing any one output service or company.

Additionally, we also work with a number of leading foundries based in the UK, who specialise in bronze sculpture enlargements. Hence we are also able to manage and oversee the foundry casting process, for those clients who want a totally managed end-to-end solution!

Sculpture enlargement using 3D scanning - Fine Art Sculpture Enlargement.


Sculpture Enlargement Private Commissions 

Some of the Artists and Sculptors we work with are now producing scale maquette’s at an optimal size for 3D scanning. The key is to produce a sculpture that is just large enough to enable a high quality 3D scan.

Artists using this new system save themselves a lot of time and material cost. It is also important to use the right sculpture modelling material, to enable the scanner to get all the required detail. Hence much of the film production 3D scanning we handle, is also produced on the same basis for maximum efficiency.

We typically 3D scan maquette’s (2- 4 ft in height), which we then take through a digital enlargement process. It is therefore best to talk to us right at the start of your project, so that we can advise on the best way forward.


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