Sculpture Limited Editions

Artist Limited Editions - UK - 3D scanning sculpture

Sculpture Limited Editions – 3D Scanning Sculpture 

We have recently had the pleasure of working with a very talented sculptor called Isabel Coulton. Isabel has some very interesting fine art family heritage relating to the great master Picasso (it must be in the jeans!). We recently 3D scanned a lovely sculpture of a hare by Isabel, for a forthcoming show in London. Hence we thought this might make an interesting case study, so heres a quick run through!

Although this fabulous piece was a good size to scan (24″), it did have a very shiny surface. This always makes 3D scanning more challenging. We have developed in-house techniques over the years for overcoming such challenges, and were able to capture a high detail 3D scan (Photo’s at bottom of page).

In addition to a shiny surface, we had a few line of sight challenges in capturing the hares under quarter section. Hence we had to perform two separate 3D scans from different angles. We then merged the two scans together in a digital post production process. Finally we imported the scan (OBJ file) into ZBrush software, in order to fix any minor scanning errors.


Sculpture Limited Editions UK


This high resolution 3D digital model of the original sculpture, can now be up or down scaled as required. It can then be output using either CNC milling or 3D printing to create a mould master ready for bronze casting, or perhaps resin casting.


Sculpture Limited Editions - Producing Sculpture Limited Editions - Bronze Cast


Sculpture Limited Editions

Below is a low resolution 3D virtual reality model to enable you to have full control of the model. Please bare in mind that we have to keep the 3D file size small in order for an object to render in realtime online. This in turn means that a lot of the scan detail is lost, but refer to the 3D scan photos above if you want to see the scan detail more closely.



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