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Sculpture Reproduction With World Class Accuracy

Interactive 3D Scan Example: Click the above image to control in '3D Virtual Reality'. Your touch-screen controls are: Rotate: using a single finger, Zoom IN & OUT: using two finger spread, Move UP/Down: two finger slide). 


Please Note! The above interactive model is heavily compressed to allow it to move online in 'realtime'. Hence a lot of the 3D scan detail which we origionally captured can't been seen. See the below images of our 'Actual 3D Scan Capture' and use 'HOVER ZOOM' feature. 


Sculpture Reproduction Services - London - UK - Fine Art 3D Scanning


Sculpture Reproduction Services - Reproducing original sculptures as high accuracy limited edition bronzes!

One question we regularly get asked by Artists and Sculptors is how can I produce high quality limited editions of my work? 

Artists and Sculptors use our sculpture reproduction services to produce high-detail ‘Limited Edition' reproductions of their work. The incredible accuracy of the metrology 3D scanning systems we use is key to achieving an excellent result, as is the right knowledge and experience. Hence we can reproduce highly accurate reproductions that capture an artists original touch and expression.

Using the very latest aerospace none-contact 3D scanning technology, we are able to capture a virtually identical 3D digital copy of an artists work. The mobile 3D scanning technology we use is fully calibrated; hence we can scan most sculptures with an accuracy of up to 0.5mm! Such accuracy enables us to capture an Artists original touch and expression, ensuring accuracy of reproduction right through to final scale replicas.


Sculpture Reproduction Services - 3D Scanning Fine Art

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Helping Artists & Sculptors To Promote Their Work - Revenue & PR

Our comprehensive range of sculpture reproduction services enable Artists and Sculptors to generate additional revenue from original works they have produced. However, we can also use the high detail 3D scans we have produced, to promote their work online as 'Virtual Reality 3D Sculptures'. This provides a key step forward from fine art, which was once only viewed in fine art galleries, to interactive fine art online. Such online 3D interaction can also be used as an incredible marketing tool, opening up new potential opportunities for artists on a global scale!


“Our services help Artists and Sculptors to generate additional opportunities and revenue from the work they produce”


Sculpture Reproduction Services - Limited Edition Collectables - Bronze Replicas

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From 3D Scans To Foundry Cast Bronzes - Limited editions at any scale!

Once we have 3D scanned your sculpture we are able to reproduce a physical output at virtually any scale. Re-scaling high resolution 3D scans is a much more efficient means of producing sculpture reproductions, because it is a digital on-screen process. This also makes it highly accurate, avoiding traditional rescale problems often experienced when producing private commission work.

Hence we are able to produce exact scale replicas of original works, or can up or down scale as required. We produce a physical 'Mould Master' which is used for traditional foundry cast bronzes, as well as other high quality finishes such as: copper, nickel, resin and even stone. However, a key differentiator is our ability to provide clients with a complete end-to-end solution!


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