Superscan 3D – Not just any 3D scanning company!

Superscan 3D was founded in 2015 by Stuart Wright (Managing Director) and specialises in delivering advanced ‘3D digital to physical’ technology services. As such, the company operates in three primary business sectors (film & television production/creative, heritage conservation and fine art sculpture). As well as having many years technical and creative experience working in the UK film industry, Stuart also has over 20 years senior management and commercial experience. Hence, he is always as focused on customer satisfaction as he is on delivering technical and creative excellence. 

“Our customers always come first as they form the very fabric of our business. We will only further develop and prosper as a business by continuing to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, as well as technical and creative excellence” (Stuart Wright MD).


Every one of our hand picked team are experts in their respective field, and all are passionate about what they do. From high resolution 3D scanning, Post Production 3D digital mastering, 3D printing, CNC milling and physical model finishing, our team covers a full range of technical and creative disciplines. 






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