3D Scanning Props & Assets

Click the above image to: Rotate, Zoom in & Out. Below is a photo of the original item (an antique Egyptian copper jug).

3D scanning props for film and television

3D Scanning Props

3D scanning props is an area in which we specialise. Our 3D scanning systems are optimised by design for this particular task. Optics are configured for acquiring objects from 300mm to 4000mm, or larger if scans are merged in post cleanup. Scan accuracy is quite astonishing as capture resolution can be configured up to 0.5mm, which is pretty incredible for a mobile hand scanning device. This particular technology was originally developed for the aerospace industry, but has recently been used to great effect on a good number of well known productions.

From 3D Scans to Physical Prop’s in 48 hours!

We recently worked on a major Disney production (yet to be released) which required us to 3D scan 10 individual props in one day. This was so they could be CNC milled out of high density foam the next day in order to meet a shooting deadline. The 3D scans we produced were so accurate that they only needed minimal post scan cleanup. Hence the final finished props looked virtually identical to the original objects, once they had been CNC milled. However, as with the vast majority of 3D scanning work we do, we are NDA’d, hence we unfortunately cannot show any imagery.

3D Props at Any Scale!

3D scanning is a highly effective way of accurately reproducing objects at any scale. Hence this can be a very useful tool for: Prop Masters, Construction Managers and Set Decorators. For example, a Construction Manager might need to build a large stone looking statue. This can be sculpted in clay and then 3D scanned. It can then be digitally scaled to a much larger size in order to produce a physical replica using CNC milling. This type of requirement is a common request for us which enables us to use the technology to full effect.

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