Film Production 3D Scanning Services


  • 3D Scanning Services (Super-high-resolution 3D scans & mobile)
  • 3D Model Cleanup Services (Post scan Z-Brush digital cleanup) 
  • CNC Milling Services (From 3D scans to larger physical models)
  • 3D Printing Services (From 3D scans to smaller physical models)


Film production 3D scanning services – UK specialists

Superscan3D specialise in 3D scanning services for film production. We use the very latest mobile 3D scanning technology to achieve incredible scan results (accurate up to 0.5mm!). Our compact state of the art equipment enables quick setup and tear down. This means we can quickly acquire the 3D assets you need, without taking hours to set up (In and out with no fuss!). 

Having worked in production for many years, we have a strong understanding of the industry and general production needs. We are very use to working ‘In-Studio’, ‘On-Set’ or ‘On-Location’. We are highly familiar with production etiquette and take intellectual property very seriously.


Digital 3D Models - Film Production 3D Scanning Services


High-resolution 3D models of virtually anything!

The highly advanced 3D scanning system we use enables us to capture static objects from 30cm up to 4 meters (i.e. an average car). This high-end fully calibrated aerospace technology enables us to ensure a high level of scan accuracy (up to 0.5mm resolution). Additionally, being a digital technology means that the high level of accuracy attained in our 3D scan is then directly transferred through to physical model outputs using 3D Printing and CNC MillingSuch accuracy often significantly reduces prop and set construction times, thus providing clients with a fast and cost effective solution. 

“Anything from small hand-held props to a full size Starfighter!”

3D Printed Models - Film Production 3D Scanning Services


Film Production 3D Scanning Services:

  • A fast & responsive Service
  • High 3D scan accuracy (up to 0.5mm)
  • A truly mobile service
  • Post scan 3D model clean-up & mastering
  • 3D printing & CNC milling
  • Competitive rates


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