Film Studio 3D Scanning Services

Film Studio 3D Scanning Services UK - Leavesden - Pinewood - Shepperton

Film Studio 3D Scanning Services: Props, Set Dec, VFX, Construction & Costume

We have worked in the UK film industry for many years and have produced high resolution 3D scans for many productions. The 3D scans we produce are used for various production applications such as: prop making, set decoration, visual effects (VFX), costume effects, set construction elements. In addition to 3D scanning services, we also provide digital to physical prop and set making services, using both 3D printing and CNC milling technologies. 

A typical film production application might be a 3D scan of a scale model or maquette, which has been traditionally hand sculpted in clay by an production Sculptor. Once the object has been 3D scanned, we are able to produce a millimetre perfect physical replica, which can then be re-scaled to any size using either CNC milling or 3D printing. Additionally, we can also import the 3D scan data into ZBrush (3D digital sculpting software) in order to make any final adjustments, before outputting the final physical model, using either CNC milling or 3D printing. This would then typically go through a final finishing and mastering stage to make it ready for camera.


The above images show some 3D scans we did for the art department on the latest ‘Tomb Raider’ production (a Warner Brothers production at Leavesden Studios). We were retained to provide a wide variety of different 3D scans (in studio and on location). Some 3D scans were used for VFX sequences as above, whilst others were used for producing actual set assets via CNC milling. 

A big thank you to Simon, John and Allen for their continued support on the build. A great action adventure not to be missed! 



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