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Film Studio 3D Scanning Services: Props, Set Decoration, Construction & Costume

We have worked in the UK film industry for many years, and have built and operated leading edge 3D scanning facilities for world leading film studios. Although there is typically a strong loyalty towards traditional Prop Making and Set Construction techniques, latest 3D scanning advancements now deliver key advantages for production professionals.

A typical example is for us to 3D scan a scale model or maquette that has been traditionally sculpted in clay by a Prop Maker. Once we have 3D scanned the model or maquette, we can then produce a millimetre perfect physical replica at any scale using either CNC milling or 3D printing.

Additionally, once we have 3D scanned the final sculpt, we can import the 3D scan data into ZBrush (3D digital sculpting software) in order to make any final adjustments, before outputting as a physical model, using either CNC milling or 3D printing.


3D Interactive Example: Click the below image to: Rotate in any direction (single finger), Zoom IN & OUT (two finger spread). Allow 10 seconds for model to load.


A recent example of what we do was the work we did with the construction and art department teams on the latest 'Tomb Raider' production (a Warner Brothers production at Leavesden Studios). We were retained to provided a wide variety of different 3D scans (in studio and on location), which we then had CNC milled, ready for set dressing and setting up as final sets/props. Each set/prop looked amazing once it had been professionally dressed. A big thank you to Simon, John and Allen for their continued support on the build. (Tomb Raider 2018 ) Definitely looking forward to seeing the final production planned for release in 2018.



Latest 3D Scanning Technology For Improved Speed & Accuracy

Superscan 3D use the very latest 3D scanning technology, originally developed for aerospace applications. This highly mobile technology enables us to 3D scan various objects, large or small, at very high resolution accuracy (up to 0.5mm accuracy!). The 3D scan data is then used to produce a virtually exact physical replica of the original object, using either 3D printing or robotic CNC milling.

"We are able to 3D scan virtually anything anywhere!"

Following a recent global upsurge in 3D printing technology, there are many different 3D print options and variations to choose from. Common 3D printing technologies include; SLA, FDM, SLS and various other mature 3D printing technologies. Variants incorporate a wide range of 3D print materials such as: ABS plastic, Nylon, PLA and various resin options. This enables clients to match a material to a specific application, i.e. making gears out of super tough nylon.

Although we have in-house 3D print systems, we like to also work with a number of leading 3D print bureaus. This approach enables us to take an independent view on which 3D printer and material to use, dependent upon the clients particular requirements. 


Film Studio 3D Scanning - Leavesden Studios - Pinewood - Shepperton - Longcross

"From 3D scans to full-size physical replicas!"


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Converting 3D Scans Into Physical High Accuracy Film Props

Once an object has been digitally acquired (3D scanned) it then goes through a post production processing and mastering process. This enables us to get everything perfected on-screen prior to to taking the object to the physical output stage 3D Print, CNC Milling. Production companies sometimes prefer to handle the physical production output stage themselves (in-house), in which case we simply provide the 3D digital data files to their art department.

You may only be at the initial budgeting stage of your production. However, this is a good time to find out how film studio 3D scanning services can help reduce production cost. Hence, 3D scanning can be a very efficient means of creating sets, props, construction elements or whatever!

Here are some previous productions we have provided services on:

We are not allowed to disclose any detail on what we have done for each production, as we have 'None Disclosure Agreements' in place. We have a long history of delivering 3D digital services to the film and television industry, and have worked on many well known productions over the years. Hence we are very familiar with production needs and etiquette, and are very familiar in working under NDA agreements.

  • Set Decoration
  • Props & Replicas 
  • 3D Digital Assets in 24 Bit Colour
  • Costume FX (Helmets, Body Armour, FX Costume, Fittings etc)
  • Clay Maquette 3D Scanning (Converting clay sculpts into 3D digital models)
  • Construction Props (Wood Carvings, Statues & Sculptures, Ornamental Stonework)


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