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Prop Makers UK – Prop Makers With A Difference!

Superscan3D use state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to acquire real-world objects at high-resolution accuracy. We are then able to reproduce the same object as super-accurate physical model or prop, and at any scale, using either 3D printing or CNC milling.

Once our 3D scan has been converted into a super-accurate physical model, it is hand finished by one of our Prop Makers, using reference photography of the original object.

We have worked on many well-known film and television productions over the years, and have an established reputation for being the UK’s leading experts for this type of prop making.


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The aerospace developed 3D scanning system we use is accurate to + or – 0.5mm! It is able to digitally acquire objects from 25cm up to 5 meters in size, using none-contact light measurement technology.

We also work closely with ‘DB Props, who are one of the UK’s leading prop making companies, who are based at Shepperton film studios. We also work with many leading film industry: Prop Masters, Set Decorators, Costume Supervisors, Construction Managers and VFX & SFX Supervisors, hence we are very experienced at working to production requirements. Recent productions we have worked on include:









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