Set Decoration 3D Scanning

Superscan 3D are one of the UK's leading film production 3D scanning specialists - They are able to digitally acquire everyday objects in 3D and reproduce identical replicas for set decoration and prop applications.


Set Decoration 3D Scanning - Film Production


Set Decoration 3D Scanning - Virtually anything is possible!

Set Decoration 3D Scanning using the latest 3D scanning is now empowering incredible creative for the film industry. Set Decorators, Prop Makers, Production Designers and Art Directors, can now quickly duplicated objects with incredible accuracy and realism.

Superscan 3D are able to scan virtually any solid object, small or large. We can then use the 3D data to output actual physical models at any scale. Originally developed for aerospace applications, this new technology is fully calibrated to ensure a consistent scan accuracy of up to 0.5mm resolution!

Additionally, being a none-contact technology enables us to scan delicate objects without any risk of damage. Hence it's great for antique replicas, statues, ornate mouldings, busts, stone and wood carvings and numerous other objects.


Set Decoration 3D Scanning Services


Once we have digitally acquire your desired object we can either 3D print it from a wide selection of materials, or can get it CNC milled if a large reproduction is required. For example, we could scan a 1 meter high sculpture and digitally upscale to a 5 meters.


Using 3D scanning for Set Decoration - Set Decoration 3D Scanning


A Cost Effective 3D Scanning Solution By Design!

Unlike many of our competitors, our service is mobile by design. This enables us to keep our operating costs low, which in turn enables us to keep prices at a highly competitive level.


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