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Turning 3D Scans Into Physical Models

An independent 3D printing solution that match's the 3D printer to the job, Not the Job to the 3D printer!

3D printing companies who have purchased a particular 3D print solution tend to only offer that solution! Having previously set up and run a large 3D print studio, we know this first hand, which is why we have specifically chosen to stay independent.

We carefully consider each client brief before choosing a 3D print solution. We then source the right solution from a list of carefully selected suppliers, whom we have used for many years. This approach enables us to match the right technology and material to the clients specific application.

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3D Printing - Matching the right 3D printer & material to your application!

Making sure you choose the right 3D printing system and output material is absolutely critical. With so many 3D printer technologies and materials to choose from, choosing the right one needs careful consideration.

There are various different 3D print technologies available such as FDM, SLA and SLS, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. Hence why it's important to understand what these individual strengths and weaknesses are, to make sure you end up with a final 3D print output that suits your intended application.

Some 3D print technologies are able to print at high micron resolutions for high detail. This sounds great, however these tend to put down much finer print layers, which results in very slow print turnarounds and higher print costs. Others 3D print technologies can print at lower micron resolutions, which makes them quicker but the prints tend to be of a lower quality finish. Finding the right balance is key.

Additionally, different 3D printer technologies offer different material output options. These vary hugely, from ultraviolet and laser cured resins, to ABS plastics, PLA's Nylon's and a whole host of variants. Some are very tough and durable and some are very fragile.


3D Print Cleanup & Preparation

Also consider that the 3D digital model file you want to print has to be fully prepared and watertight (no mesh errors or holes). Hence the reason we also offer our 3D Model Cleanup Service using zBrush and various other applications. The Americans have a saying called 'GIGO', which stands for "garbage in, garbage out!". This is very true of 3D printing. Files have to be properly prepared to ensure a good end 3D print. 

Common 3D print file formats tend to be STL or Wavefront OBJ files. These are both 3D mesh coordinate file types, which most 3D printers are configured to handle.

We could talk to you for hours about the differences, however, let's just say that getting the right advice from the outset is a very good idea. Therefore, if you would like some advice then please just give us a call. We are here to help!


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