3D Scanning Classic Cars

3D Scanning Classic Cars (Case Study)


Hemmels are a truly exceptional classic car restoration company! The passion of the whole team translates through to vehicles that are probably more perfect than when they originally rolled off the Mercedes production line 40+ years ago. It’s a truly remarkable process to witness, with every detail undergoing a full and complete restoration down to every last nut and bolt. The finished vehicles are truly magnificent!

Hence we were delighted to be asked to produce a 3D scan of a whole vehicle (prior to a full restoration), in order that they could create an online virtual ‘Design studio, where you can design your very own colour combination for your Mercedes Pagoda, before placing your order (see before you buy!). Here is a link to Hemmels ‘Design Studio’ App, so you can see the finished article, but also see some of their finished vehicles and understand the full process.

Below is a photograph of the vehicle we 3D scanned. Because we used a vehicle that was pre-restoration, we were able to use a special grey water based coating, that enables a much better 3D scan, especially as lots of the trim is chrome, which is highly reflective. Once 3D scanned, the car was simply washed off so that it was then ready to be fully stripped and restored.


3D scanning classic cars


The below image shows a complete 1;1 scale 3D scan of the body shell. The following images show some of the other various elements that we 3D scanned in order that the 3D modelling and rendering company could stitch components together in order to create a complete vehicle (roof up or down).


Soft top roof section

Door cards, wheel hubs, seats… you get the idea!



Producing 3D scans of individual assets enabled Hemmels rendering partner to create a complete vehicle as can now be seen on their above ‘Design Studio’ page, and what a fabulous job they have done!


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