3D Scanning Engine Compartments

3D Scanning Engine Compartments - Engine Bay 3D Scanning - UK


3D Scanning Engine Compartments

Superscan3D are one of the UK’s leading mobile 3D scanning specialists. We use the very latest high-accuracy 3D scanning technology to create 3D models of real-world objects, accurate up to 0.5mm. These 3D scans files are then converted into a CAD compatible format to enable design engineers to reverse engineer fixings, mounts etc, i.e. for 3d scanning engine compartments.

We are seeing an increasing demand for 3D scans of engine bays on both classic and modern day vehicles. Client applications are extremely wide ranging. They include traditional motorsport, classic car restoration and repair and even retro-fitting latest electric motor technologies, as found in Tesla cars.


3D Scan Of Engine Compartment - Reverse engineering engine mounts


One common application is 3D scanning an existing vehicles engine bay, in order to work out engine fixings and mountings. This 3D data then needs to be converted into a file format compatible with CAD software. It can then be imported into CAD applications such as: Solidworks or Catia, enabling design engineers to reverse engineer more efficiently, i.e. without having to draw a complicated engine compartment from scratch.

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