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Above is a 3D digital model of a classic Toyota, and not a photo of an actual car! TOUCH IMAGE TO ZOOM


Classic Car 3D Scanning

Discover how classic car 3D scanning can help you safeguard against serious accident damage!

What would you do if your classic car was involved in a major collision? Classic car 3D scanning might be the answer you are looking for!

What if you own a high value investment classic, where body panels and fittings are no longer available. It is of course a sobering thought, but one which must cross the mind of every classic car owner from time to time. However we may have the solution you are looking for!

Superscan3D (One of the UK's leading 3D scanning specialists) offers a highly innovative solution! Using one of the worlds most powerful mobile 3D scanning systems, we are able to travel to your location and 3D scan your actual classic car. This enables us to capture a millimetre perfect 3D digital model of your vehicles individual body panels (usually 3D scanned in sections). This in turn would enable a highly accurate panel-buck to be reverse engineered from our 3D scans, should the vehicle ever be subjected to serious accident damage.

"This amazing high precision 3D scanning technology was originally developed for the aerospace industry, and is accurate up to 0.5mm"

Once Superscan3D have carried out a 3D scan of your vehicles main body panels, we then save the 3D digital data files onto a standard USB memory stick, to be safely stored. You then have a high-accuracy 3D digital backup of your actual vehicle, should you ever need it!


classic car 3D scanning - Classic Car Repairs - Reverse Engineering

A 3D high resolution scan precisely captures your vehicles individual body panels, just in case! 


We often get asked to 3D scan items such as:

  • Whole exterior bodyshells
  • Individual body panels
  • Chassis and suspension parts
  • Wheels
  • Interior panels
  • Engine casings
  • Soft & hard top removable roofs


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Additional Benefits - Classic Car 3D Scanning Body Panel Reverse Engineering

Classic car 3D scanning also enables high-accuracy fibreglass replacement body panels to be made, using the same process described above. Original car panels can then be removed and stored safely. Replacement fibreglass body panels can then be bolted in place of originals for general day-to-day use, or sporting events where it may not be possible to get insurance. This approach can often make a vehicle lighter, sometimes improving handling and performance.



3D scanning Classic Cars - Superscan 3D - UK


Classic Car 3D Scanning - A high resolution 3D digital backup of your pride and joy to enable reverse engineering, should the unthinkable ever happen!

So whether you're a professional classic car restorer looking to reverse-engineer panels, or perhaps a private classic car owner, then we would love to hear from you.


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