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CNC milling services form a key technology for converting 3D scan data into large scale physical models. CNC milling comes in two main variants, 'Flatbed CNC Milling', which tends to come in 3 or 5 axis configuration, or 'Robotic CNC Milling' which comes in 5 and 7 axis configuration. Both systems are highly efficient at reproducing models at virtually any size (7 axis Kuka robot pictured above).

The 3D scan data from our 3D scans is fed into special 'Toolpath Software'. The CNC machine then uses these coordinates to reproduce the 3D digital scan data as an exact physical model. Of course, being digital data, the toolpath programming engineer is able to re-scale an object to virtually any size. Models can therefore be produced at virtually any size, in sections.   



CNC Milling is a highly efficient and accurate way of reproducing sculptures at any virtually scale. Models can be surface sealed and finished in a wide range of final finishes. Additionally, the same models can be used to create mould masters for bronze foundry casting or GRP moulds. Hence there are many possible output variants.


CNC Milling Services - UK - Sculpture Enlargement


Superscan 3D has professional partnerships with a number of carefully selected specialist suppliers. However, our preferred partner for high quality CNC milling services is JH May, who always do a terrific job, no matter what the task. JH May are one of the UK's leading pattern and model makers, and are well known for their high quality output.

JH May often manufacture original works of art for museums, artists and galleries around the world. Hence we regularly combine our skills in order to create very high quality replicas and reproductions.

So, whether you’re a museum looking for a reproduction of a fine art sculpture, a model for an exhibit, or maybe an Artist looking for sculpture enlargement services, we can help!


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