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CNC milling services From 3D scans to accurate large scale physical models

CNC milling services provide a key technology solution for converting 3D scan data into large scale physical models. CNC milling comes in two main variants, ‘flatbed CNC milling’, usually in 3 or 5 axis configuration, or ‘robotic CNC milling’, which tends to come in either 5 or 7 axis configuration. Both systems are highly efficient at producing large scale models from the 3D scans we produce. 


How does the 3D scan to physical model process work?

Our fully mastered 3D scan data is imported into the CNC machines ‘Toolpathing Software‘. This software enables the CNC machine to map the three dimensional coordinates of our 3D scan (the 3D model) in order to produce a physical model at the desired scale. Physical models can therefore be produced at virtually any size.


Hence, CNC milling is a highly efficient and accurate way of reproducing models, which can then be surface sealed and finished in a wide range of final finishes. Additionally, the same models can be used to create mould masters for bronze foundry casting or GRP moulds. 



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