3D Digitising Museum Collections


3D Digitising Museum Collections – Bringing Museum Collections To Life!

3D Digitising Museum Collections – Interactive 3D Scan Example: Click the above image to control in ‘Virtual Reality 3D’. Your touch-screen controls are: Rotate: using single finger, Zoom IN & OUT: using two finger spread, Move UP/Down: using two finger slide). 


Please Note! The above interactive model is heavily compressed to allow it to move online in ‘realtime’. Hence some of the 3D scan fine detail captured can’t been seen. See the below images of our ‘Actual 3D Scan Capture’ and use our ‘Touch ZOOM’ tool to get a better idea of actual 3D scan resolutions (i.e. our true 3D scan reproduction quality). 


Superscan3D specialise in 3D digitising museum collections and artefacts. Using the very latest none-contact 3D scanning technologies, Superscan3D are able to scan large or small objects at very high resolution accuracy, creating high detail 3D facsimiles of original artefacts.  Refer to below images and use our ZOOM feature by touching image.


Help on 3D digitising museum collections -


The ‘metrology grade’ scanning systems we use enable us to create highly accurate 3D virtual reality colour models. These can be used for various online or in-museum interactive research applications. Such 3D models can also, if required, be set up as downloadable 3D model files, enabling them to be 3D printed by schools, universities, researchers etc.


3D digitising museum collections - Professional help on hand!


Its important to mention that our scanning systems use a ‘None-Contact’ technology, and are highly mobile. This enables us to travel to your location in order to perform the service. We work closely with ‘Conservators’ and conservation professionals, and are used to scanning rare and fragile artefacts and objects. We operate a zero-contact policy where possible, thus minimising the risk of any contact damage. Careful pre-scan planning and preparation is always essential. Hence we have worked with many different clients over the years, and take great care and pride in our conservation work.


How do I 3d digitise my museum collection? - Superscan 3D - UK


If you are thinking of digitising a collection then we would love to hear from you! Call (01908) 915523 



3D Digitising Museum Collections – Common Applications For Museums

Once we have created your 3D digital model from your original object, it can be used for many different applications:

  • Research & conservation
  • Online exhibitions & interaction
  • Licensing exact 3D digital copies to other museums (So they can produce a licensed copy) 
  • Public engagement
  • Making exact physical replicas of artefacts
  • 3D Digital Archiving Collections (in Colour)
  • Archeological recording & measurement



If you are thinking of digitising a collection then we would love to hear from you! Call (01908) 915523 












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