Reproducing Stone Sculpture

Reproducing stone sculpture - 3D scanning - UK

Reproducing Stone Sculpture - Using Hi-Res 3D Scanning & CNC Stone Milling To Achieve Amazing Accuracy

Superscan 3D are one of the UK's leading 3D scanning specialists for fine art sculpture and heritage conservation. Reproducing stone sculpture is achieved using the very latest high-resolution, none-contact 3D scanning technology. We can capture original sculptures and stone carvings at incredible accuracy (up to 0.5mm + or -).

We then use this 3D data to produce a highly accurate stone replica using CNC stone milling technology, followed by traditional stone masonry hand finishing. Hence this can also be a great service for contemporary Artists and Sculptors who want to create a small scale maquette in clay, and then upscale to the desired size. Hence there are many commercial benefits and time saving advantages with this approach

We are typically able to 3D scan objects from 30cm up to 4 meters, or larger if working in sections. Once an object has been 3D scanned it can, if required, be digitally re-scaled for physical output. 

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