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Superscan3D - Proudly One Of the UK’s Leading Hi-Res 3D Scanning Specialists

Looking for leading UK 3D scanning companies? Superscan3D specialise in high resolution 3D Scanning Services and 3D Scan to Physical Replica Services using CNC milling and 3D printing technologies. We additionally offer hand finishing services for those clients who require an actual physical replica. We use one of the worlds most powerful mobile 3D scanning systems to achieve incredibly high resolution 3D scans of real world objects. Hence we are well known for our ability to produce super-accurate replicas of original objects, and at virtually any scale.

We are a small yet highly experienced team of professionals who are passionate about the specialist services we provide. Our comprehensive range of services leverage the very latest 3D digital technologies in order to replicate real-world objects at very high accuracy, as well as creating high accuracy virtual reality assets. 


UK 3D Scanning Companies - A highly specialist team with over 25 years experience

We are '3D Digital Technicians', 'Creative Directors', 'Model Makers', 'Digital Sculptors', 'Scanning Engineers', 'Artists' and much more! Our many years collective experience and knowledge has earned us a reputation for excellence in our chosen fields:

  • Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning & Replication Services (at any scale)
  • Heritage Conservation & Museum 3D Scanning & Replication Services
  • Film Production 3D Scanning & Replication Services


Hence our clients are typically: Film Production Companies, Museums, Conservators, Heritage Conservation Companies & Societies, Artists & Sculptors, Archaeologists, Architects and the list continues!

We deliver tailored solutions specifically geared to individual client needs. Hence we work closely with every client to fully understand key objectives to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. We are fully insured and take health & safety very seriously. Careful planning and preparation is of key importance to ensuring high quality 3D scans. And of course, we always go to great lengths to ensure that each and every object we 3D scan is treated with the upmost care and respect.


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3D Scanning Technical Snippets UK 3D Scanning Companies

One question we often get asked is "Will the supporting armature create any problems at the 3D scanning stage?". The key thing to remember here is that all mobile 3D scanning technologies are 'Line Of Sight Technologies' (LOST), i.e. they are only able to capture a physical object in 3D when they have a clear unobstructed field of view. Therefore the physical size and optical field of view for each 3D scanner is critical. Although we have developed various in-house techniques that enable us to overcome some of these challenges, it is always best to factor these in right at the start of any creative process, so please don't hesitate to call us at an early stage.