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3D Scan Cleanup & Modelling – Professional 3D Digital Model Cleanup

3D scan cleanup & modelling is an essential process for ensuring 3D digital models are properly prepared and optimised for 3D printing or CNC milling. Unprepared 3D scans (RAW 3D SCAN DATA) often contain hundreds of minute errors such as none-manifold regions, holes and errors. Non-manifold elements are ‘bowtie’ vertices or edges, with more than two connected triangles. These types of errors need to be corrected before importing your 3D file to your 3D printer, to avoid replicating such errors in the physical 3D print.

Also consider that 3D scan files (typically OBJ or STL) tend to be very large (sometimes gigabytes of data). Hence most 3D printers have a maximum file size that they can handle. Hence it’s often necessary to decimate the RAW data mesh down to something which your 3D printer can handle. However, reducing polygon count without losing detail in the model is a careful process that takes time.

Additionally, although the 3D scanning technology we use enables super-accurate 3D data capture, all 3D scanning technologies are ‘line of sight’ systems. Therefore difficult line of sight angles such as under-arms and other hidden crevices, tend to need some additional 3D scan cleanup & modelling. Professional software applications such as ZBrush enable us to properly prepare 3D scans, in order to ensure they are ready for physical output applications such as 3D Printing or 7 Axis CNC Milling.

You could think of this process as ‘digital sculpting with polygons’ in order to fix errors in the 3D scan data mesh. Below is a before and after example of a 3D scan which we have cleaned up in zBrush.


3D Scan Cleanup & Modelling - UK


3D Scan Cleanup & Modelling - Superscan3D


Also consider that physical output devices tend to have a maximum file size they can handle. 3D scan data files are often huge in size (millions of polygons!). They therefore often need decimating down, in order that the output device can process the data. Hence, the need to carry out effective 3D model cleanup using zBrush.


3D Scan Cleanup & Modelling - Digital Modelling - 3D scanning - UK


Post scan zBrush cleanup is a ‘cost option’ service we provide. Customers are able to benefit from our Total 3D Model Solution Service (i.e. from 3D scan to final output file). We are also happy to help if you have any technical questions on this subject. Virtually all the work we do in film production requires post scan ZBrush cleanup in order to fully prepare models for 3D printing, CNC milling or whatever.


Getting A Cost For 3D Scan Cleanup – How to use our ‘Quick Quote’ system

The cost of 3D scan cleanup & modelling is based upon the level of work required. Hence we quote on each individual 3D scan or model that you supply. To get a quote simply send your 3D scan to: superscan3d@gmail.com using the FREE ‘WeTransfer’ file upload service. Please note that files should ideally be supplied in OBJ file format, although we can also accept STL files if required. Please remember to provide clear contact details when submitting your object.


A Recent 3D Scan Example: Click the below image to (Rotate, Spin, Zoom IN & OUT using two and one finger slide) a 3D scan of an designer mirror.


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