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360 Virtual Recce Services Film Location Services UK 

360 Virtual Recce Services – Film Location Services UK – Our 360° / 720° Virtual Recce’s (Virtual Tours) are used for the rapid capture of filming locations and set’s (internal & external), enabling production teams to efficiently plan and prepare filming locations in advance of principal photography. 




  • Enables a location to quickly be captured and shared (internal & external)
  • Share and discuss a location interactively with others in real time online 24/7
  • Minimise location travel costs and reduce your production’s carbon footprint
  • Enables more flexible and efficient production planning and coordination
  • Ideal for many production planning applications: Location Management, Production Design, Set Design/Decoration, Construction, SFX, Principal photography planning, Health & Safety etc.
  • 360°/720° Virtual Reece’s – Available to view 24/7 anywhere in the world on your: smartphone, laptop, iPad, tablet, PC or Mac.
  • Fast on-location capture and quick post processing turnarounds


Our ‘Virtual Recce Services’ enable production professionals (Location Managers, Production Designers, UPM’s, Art Directors, Construction Managers etc) to quickly capture a location in HDR 360° photography. Each 360° image is then linked to its surrounding 360° images in a logical series (via a post production pano linking process). Because each 360° pano capture is two opposed (180°) fisheye HDR images stitched together, the on-site capture process is fast, enabling us to quickly capture any internal or external location. The rest is done in a post production process back at the studio. Typical turnarounds range from 24-48 hours + travel times to and from site location.



An Essential Film Location Recce Tool

  • High quality HDR 360 / 720° panoramas linked to create a virtual tour
  • Excellent for planning principal photography, set dressing, construction etc.
  • Ideal for both internal and external locations
  • Quick and reliable on-location capture
  • Fast post-capture processing and turnaround
  • Viewable 24/7 using any smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac device
  • Additional features include: zoom, hotspot info tabs, full VR mode
  • Smooth navigation between each 360° pano location
  • Price guarantee – We won’t be beaten on price for a like-for-like solution
  • A great way to share detailed interactive information about a location 
  • From an established UK film industry 3D digital services specialist 


Film Location Services UK 360 Virtual Tour / Recce - UK


About us: Having worked in the UK film & television industry for well over a decade, we have a good understanding of general production needs. We use the latest high-end HDR 360° cameras to ensure high quality virtual tours. Our encrypted online hosting service enables secure and easy sharing of virtual locations, no matter where you are in the world, or what time it is. 


Film Location Services UK - Film Location Recce Services UK


We have established a good reputation for high quality, fast turnarounds, reliability and sensible pricing. We welcome any initial questions you might like to ask. Please contact us on the below office number or use our below ‘Quick Inquiry Form’. 


“Rapid 360° / 720° virtual reality capture of internal & external locations for film production applications”  




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