The Psychology of 360 Virtual Tours

The Psychology of 360 Virtual Tours – Why virtual tours are so effective at attracting new customers


Understanding the psychology of 360 virtual tours – In simple terms, 360 Virtual Tours help to remove psychological barriers (our instinctive fear of the unknown). We are all prone to forming pre-conceptions about certain outcomes in life, and businesses are no exception to this rule. However, as the old saying goes, “Seeing is believing!”, and being able to visit a space virtually provides a highly effective tool for overcoming any pre-conceptions we may have formed.

Additionally, many business owners go to a lot of trouble in making their venue or business environment ideal for their customers. However, it can be extremely difficult to get a new customer to visit a business for the first time. The hospitality industry is an obvious example of this (hotels, spa’s, cafes, restaurants, pubs etc) all have to work hard to entice new customers. However, it’s just as important for a dentist, local garage, beauty salon, retailer, car showroom and many other types of businesses to demonstrate an inviting and professional environment for new potential customers.

“Superscan 360 – Linking physical spaces to customer requirements”

360-VT’s enable business owners to bridge this gap of the unknown, making it easy for anyone to see inside their business (24/7). Additionally, if a 360-VT is planned and designed correctly, it can do far more for a business driving direct ongoing CTA’s (Call to action) via carefully placed ‘In-Virtual Tour’ hotspot links that drive visitors direct to any website or web page you choose. Additionally, 360-VT’s can be used for ongoing pro-active marketing campaigns via: social media, email lists, direct mail flyers and even QR-codes, in order to drive new prospective customers to your website or social media pages.


Psychology of 360 virtual tours - UK

Smartphones + Social Media + 360°VT’s = ‘New Customers’

Once we have completed the post production processing on our HDR 360-VT photographs, we then build your 360-VT using specialist hosting software, before finally uploading it to our hosting server on the internet.

Social Media – We then email you a secure link (URL) which you simply ‘Copy & Paste’ into your: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or web-page. This instantaneously makes the link live on your social media page so your customers can view your 360° virtual tour live on your social media page. And of course, being social media, it’s really easy for people to share with others, especially if it’s a cool visual reality 360° tour!

Website – Additionally, you may also like to have the HDR 360-VT located directly on your business website in order to drive traffic and CTA’s directly back to your main website. In this case we will email you the HTML code that enables the virtual tour to be incorporated into any webpage you choose. Again, this is ‘Copy & Paste’ (That’s it!).

Visitors then simply click the link (with tease photo) to enter your business HDR 360° Virtual Tour on your own website as well as social media page. 


Psychology of 360 virtual tours


Telling your 360° business story

We see our role as visual story tellers for each business we work with. Our job is to show your business off at its very best, enabling new potential customers to gain confidence in your venue, services, brand and values. Hence, the reason that all of our HDR 360-Virtual Tours are carefully planned and discussed with our client. 


“If you’ve got a great venue, business space or property for sale, let new prospective customers see inside”


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