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Superyacht and luxury boat sales viewings in HDR 360 virtual reality – Viewings 24/7 from anywhere in the world! – Yacht chartering virtual tours

Yacht Chartering Virtual Tours

Yacht chartering virtual tours – Why use a 360° Virtual Tour to sell or charter? An independent market research conducted for ‘Google’ in July 2015 on the impact of virtual tours for increasing consumer interest and engagement, found that listings with both photos and a virtual tour were twice as likely to generate a CTA (Call to action). Hence, Virtual Tours not only significantly extend your customer reach via social media and direct website traffic, but also double the chances of a potential buyer ‘Call-to-action’. So, adding a virtual tour can literally double your chances of finding a buyer.

Yacht Chartering Virtual Tours – Latest Technology – Superscan use the very latest ‘HDR 360/720° Virtual Tour’ photographic technology to create amazing virtual reality tours of both internal and external spaces. Our virtual tours provide a highly interactive VR viewing solution for prospective customers who tend to have busy schedules. Simply send your customer our URL link so they can take an immediate HDR 360° Virtual Tour using their smartphone/tablet or PC, no matter where they are in the world. 


Yacht Chartering Virtual Tours - UK Virtual Tour Specialists - Yacht sales


Realistic Colours & Vibrant Light Capture – Our latest HDR 360° technology enables high resolution capture even in low light environments (vibrant colours and excellent white balance).

Invisible Camera & Tripod – This is another special feature that we now include in all our HD-720-VT’s, which means the camera and tripod are made invisible. It’s like you are wearing a Harry Potter ‘Invisible Cloak’ as you move around the space.

HDR 360/720 Virtual Tour Services Boats & Yachts – Key Advantages:

  • Make it easy for customers to view your yacht, anytime, anywhere
  • Can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac
  • Add to your website (Great for yacht chartering or sales)
  • Share Virtual Tours on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) 360/720° panos with zoom feature
  • Fast turnaround service – Start attracting new customers quickly
  • VR Hotspots – Add ‘In-tour’ key information pop-ups & CTA’s
  • Smooth navigation between rooms and external spaces
  • Flexible & affordable solutions 
  • Extends customer reach and access
  • From an established UK supplier of 3D digital creative services 


Yacht Chartering Virtual Tours - 360 Virtual Tour Services Boat & Yacht - UK - South East


As well as being a powerful and highly engaging marketing tool for your website, it can also be an extremely effective social media marketing tool (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc). Simply copy and paste the secure link to use in conjunction with your social media blog. 360-VT’s are easily shared at the click of a button (everyone likes to share latest tech that looks really cool). 

Our highly experienced team have been providing 3D digital & creative services to a wide range of clients for over a decade. We are therefore well equipped to understand individual business needs and tailor a cost-effective solution that’s right for your particular application.

“Superscan 360 – Linking physical spaces to customer requirements”

So wether you are a boat broker, sales agent or private seller, we can help you generate significantly more interest, increasing the likelihood of a faster sale.


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Yacht Chartering Virtual Tours - 360 Virtual Tour Services based in the UK