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3D scanning sculpture and monuments - UK


3D Scanning Sculpture Services – Monuments & fine art Sculpture

3D Scanning Sculpture Services – Superscan provides 3D scanning services for many well-known British contemporary sculptors & artists, museums and heritage conservation societies. Applications can be wide ranging, but often include sculpture enlargements, exhibit replicas, bronze foundry moulds and various heritage conservation applications.

We are able to 3D scan various types of material such as: stone, wood, clay, bronze, resin, marble, metal etc. We use a broad range of the latest none-contact 3D scanning systems to achieve high accuracy scans and 3D models. Below are a few case study examples. Accordingly, its essential to use the right 3D scanning technology for specific applications. Hence, we use various scanning systems (laser arm scanning, Lidar Laser scanning, DSLR photogrammetry scanning, LED scanning etc) dependant upon individual circumstances. 



Such systems typically enable us to 3D scan objects upwards of 15cm (minimum size) to objects as large as a building. Once 3D scanned, an object can be digitally re-scaled to the desired physical output scale. The 3D digital master can then either be 3D printed (smaller objects) or CNC milled (larger objects) to create a mould master.


3D Scanning Sculpture - Enlargement, 3D Printing, CNC Milling - Fine art sculpture enlargement.

Sculpture - 3D Scanning - UK - Enlargement, 3D Printing, CNC Milling - Fine art sculpture and monuments.

3D Scan Sculpture - UK - Enlargement, 3D Printing, CNC Milling - Fine art sculpture and monuments.

Which one is the identical 15kg bronze replica that we have produced from a hi-res 3D scan?



3D Scanning Sculpture Services – Post Scan Digital Cleanup & Mastering – How does it work?

Once the object has been carefully 3D scanned, the RAW scan data then goes through an on-screen hand cleanup process. This is achieved using specialist 3D mastering software, enabling the 3D digital model to be prepared for 3D printing or CNC milling. This is what we refer to as ‘Post Scan 3D Digital Cleanup’. We import the RAW 3D scan data into various 3D modelling applications, in order to remove any anomalies or errors in the RAW 3D scan data. This process enables us to fix any slight imperfections in the digital 3D polygon mesh.


3D scanning sculpture - Bronze foundry replicas - UK
Photograph of a fabulous sculpture by Bushra Fakhoury that we were asked to 3D scan.
3D scan of sculpture - UK - Superscan 3D
Actual 3D scan data being cleaned up in ZBrush.


All 3D scanning technologies typically capture surface information being ‘line of sight technology devices’. This means they digitally acquire physical objects using optical capture. However, trying to scan shiny or dark objects can often be quite challenging. This is due to surface reflections (shiny surfaces), or lack of surface detail (dark surfaces). Generally speaking, the more surface information there is, the easier it is for a 3D scanning system to track an objects 3D form.

Additionally, because light travels in a straight line, certain objects can prove difficult to 3D scan where line of sight is obstructed (cavities, holes, restricted areas etc). In these situations its sometimes necessary to carry out additional post production alterations. This is achieved using various advanced on-screen 3D modelling software packages.



Sculpture Enlargement Services - UK

Sculpture Enlargement Services – UK

Sculpture enlargement using 3D scanning is a highly cost effective and extremely accurate way to reproduce sculpture at different scales. The incredible accuracy of the very latest high resolution 3D scanning systems enables us to capture super fine detail. Many of our artist and sculpture clients now produce maquette masters so that we can then reproduce their work at any later required scale, using both 3D printing and CNC milling.


Sculpture & Monuments / Heritage Conservation 3D scanning –

Below are a few interesting project examples that we have undertaken for various clients including the fabulous Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.


3D Scanning Sculpture Services - UK - 3D scanning sculpture for Artists & Sculptors.
A 3D Lidar / Photogrammetry scan of a large early stone carving – Ashmolean Museum – Oxford.
Ashmolean Museum – Oxford

Ashmolean Museum – Oxford

Ashmolean Museum – Oxford

Ashmolean Museum – Oxford

Ashmolean Museum – Oxford


3D scanning a priceless 12th century hand carved ivory tablet – Catholic Church England & Wales.
The identical physical replica that we produced from our 3D scan – Catholic Church England & Wales.


Lidar scan – Internal – Chapel doorway and window.


3D Scanning Sculpture Services - UK - Fine Art Sculpture Specialists
3D scan of a stunning 1920’s bronze bust.


3D Scan of Solider
A high-res live 3D body scan of an actual British Soldier in full combat uniform, for a fabulous Michael Rakowitz monument commission.

Lidar 3D Scan – Conservation scan of large (14 feet high) damaged historic monument – Birmingham Museum

The UK’s Heritage Conservation & Fine Art Sculpture 3D Scanning Specialists

Over the past decade Superscan has developed a reputation for being one of the UK’s leading 3D scanning specialists for fine art sculpture, monuments, wall carvings, and all things heritage conservation. From priceless ancient stone carvings to national monuments, we have the equipment and expertise to digitally capture virtually any object in super-high resolution accuracy. Find out how we go from a hi-res 3D scan to creating an identical physical replica. Talk to us with confidence about your particular project, even if you are at an early stage. 


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