12th Century Ivory Carving

3D Scan of 12th Century Ivory Tablet From a high resolution 3D laser scan to a hand finished 1:1 scale identical replica

One of the things I love about this job is some of the extraordinary things we get asked to 3D scan and then create high detail physical replicas of. I mean, how often do you get asked to 3D scan a priceless 12th century hand-carved ivory tablet depicting the birth Christ, and then make a 1:1 scale physical replica. How totally awesome!


Above: The final 1:1 scale identical replica that we produced from our hi-res 3D laser scan.


As you can see from the below images, it’s an incredible object depicting the birth of Jesus Christ in a series of hand carved storyboards. The craftsmanship and detail is ridiculously fine, even by modern day standards. Measuring approximately 18cm in total length, it’s like having a 12th century story-telling smartphone in the palm of your hand!


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Above: The final hand-finished 1:1 scale identical replica we produced (front)


Our first task was to 3D scan the artefact in super-high resolution (create a 1:1 scale 3D digital master). Our next task was to create a super-fine 3D print of the artefact. Finally, we added the surface fine detail by a hand carving and painting process, using reference photography of the original artefact.


Above: The final hand-finished 1:1 scale identical replica we produced (Rear)


After many hours of work, it was extremely gratifying to learn that our client was delighted with the finished replica that we produced for them. With huge thanks to ‘Fr Michael’ for his continued support and direction over the whole project, and for his trust in our skills, abilities and reputation.


Above: Our hi-res 3D digital scan master file of the original artefact – Used to produce the final physical 3D printed replica.


Above:  The process of 3D laser scanning the original artefact, carefully placed on a piece of velvet by our client (we operate a none contact policy for rare artefacts).



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