3D Printing

Turning 3D Scans & 3D Digital Model Files Into High Accuracy Physical Models

We provide independent 3D printing solutions that match the 3D printer and print material to the clients specific requirement

Having previously built and managed a large 3D print facility for a major film studio, we know that many 3D print bureaus tend to purchase a limited range of 3D printers, which are then used for each and every build. There is a broad range of 3D printer technologies with various options (SLA, SLS, FDM etc) and an even broader range of 3D print materials available on the market.

Choosing the right 3D printer and material is really important in achieving the desired end result, which is why we have specifically chosen to stay independent. Hence, we carefully consider each client requirement before choosing a specific type of 3D printer and material. If our in-house 3D printers are not suitable for the specific client requirement, we then externally source the right solution via one of our multi-channel 3D print partners.  This approach enables us to match the right 3D print technology and material to the clients specific application.

  • 3D Printing Solutions
  • 3D Digital File Cleanup & Preparation (OBJ, STL, STEP, IGES)
  • Post scan 3D digital model cleanup and mastering (ZBrush)
  • An Independent Solution Provider 


3D Print Digital Mastering & Physical Hand Cleanup

Also consider that the 3D digital model file you want to print has to be fully prepared and watertight (no mesh errors or holes). Hence the reason we also offer a 3D Model Cleanup Service using ZBrush and various other applications. The Americans have a saying: ‘GIGO’, which stands for “garbage in, garbage out!”. This is very true of 3D printing. Files have to be properly prepared to ensure a good end 3D print result. Hence the importance of digital file cleanup before you press the 3D print button.  

Common 3D print file formats tend to be STL or OBJ files, which are used by virtually all modern day 3D print systems. Getting the right advice from the outset is a very good idea, so please give us a call and talk to one of our in-house experts. 




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