Set Decoration 3D Scanning

Set Decoration 3D Scanning - Film Production

Set Decoration 3D Scanning & Fabrication

Set decoration 3D scanning is a powerful tool for set design, now widely used in the film and television industry. Set Decorators, Prop Makers, Production Designers and Art Directors, can now quickly duplicated objects with incredible accuracy and realism (From 3D scan to 3D print or CNC milling).

Superscan 3D are able to scan virtually any solid object, small or large. We then use the 3D scan data to generate 3D digital models, which are then output as physical models at any scale via 3D printing or CNC milling.

Additionally, 3D scanning is a none-contact technology that enables us to scan delicate objects without any risk of damage. Hence, 3D scanning is great for recreating antique replicas, statues, ornate mouldings, busts, stone and wood carvings and numerous other objects.


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