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Superscan are an established ‘3D Scanning Services’ & ‘360 Virtual Tour Services’ company based near Milton Keynes, UK. We have an extensive international client base and specialise in providing 3D scanning services for  heritage conservation, fine art sculpture, museums, and film & television production. Hence, we deliver a broad range of 3D and 360 digital creative services to a range of industries. 

3D Scanning Services – Providing a comprehensive range of 3D scanning services to a broad range of clients within heritage conservation, museums, fine art sculpture, film & TV production, and various other sectors. Click here to find out more.



From 3D Scan to Identical Physical Replica  From high resolution 3D scans to virtually identical facsimiles or replicas, using 3D printed or CNC milled hand finished mould masters. The identical physical models we are able to produce can also be digitally re-scaled, enabling sculptors to create different sized mould masters of existing works. Ideal for traditional foundry bronze casting and other applications (as per the below example). Click here to find out more. 


An identical traditional lost wax foundry cast bronze generated from our 3D scan.


360 Virtual Tour Services – As part of our broad range of 3D digital creative services, we also specialise in producing high quality ‘360° Virtual Tours’. Such services provide an excellent tool for heritage conservation site surveys, film location recces, and various other business applications. Click here to find out more. 



Here are a few of the many customers we have proudly provided consultation and 3D scanning services for over the years:


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With special thanks to: Ashmolean Museum Oxford, Birmingham Museum, TFL – Transport For London Museum, Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Natural History Museum London and the many other wonderful museums, conservation professionals and societies we have worked with over the years.


Get in touch! – Tel: (01296) 713848   Email: superscan3d@gmail.com